Rags to Riches-How to Transform old Jeans into a Kitch Apron


Now I hate sewing. I have very little patience and it takes me about ten minutes just to thread a needle, so I was initially skeptic about this project. Pretty surprising that this was one of my favorite projects to date then.

You’ll need:

A pair of old Jeans. (The shape and size will effect the shape; bootleg will result in a more curvy apron, and the bigger the jeans, the wider the apron. For this I used a pair of size 10 boyfriend fit.


Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)



Step One. Ok so the first thing to do is cut off one leg-one pair of jeans makes two aprons. Cut the jeans off below the bum pocket, being careful to not cut into the pocket itself. You should have one long tube of denim. Put this aside for the minute, and get the remaining denim, the L shaped other leg and top of the tube.


Step Two. Carefully cut out the bum pocket to save this for use later. Be very careful not to cut into the lining or stitching, but at the same time try to cut close to the stitching.

Step Three. Retrieve your tube! Now you need to assume a bottom and top. If you used a bootleg style jean, make the flared end the bottom. Now put the tube face down, and cut straight up the back in the middle, and open up.


Step Four. You should now have a lovely big rectangle of denim. This bit is tricky to describe so definitely refer to the pictures. Fold the denim back in half. Imagine an Lshape, with the bottom smoothed out. This is what we are now going to cut into the fabric to make arm holes.This should be around 10cm in length.


Step Five. Open up your fabric. you should now have the perfect apron shape! Now to make it pretty. Start by sewing on the pocket we saved from earlier somewhere onto the front. The position is upto you-on the bottom like mine or on the breast looks nice too.


Step Six. Sew your chosen ribbon along the bottom and side edges. I used a wide ribbon which I wrapped around both the front and back edges which gives a nicer effect, but again up to you.

Step Seven. For the top half of the apron, the waist ties and the neck. I sewed one long piece of ribbon around the neck, and down the the beginning of the outward arm curves. Make sure you leave enough neck ribbon to ensure it hangs nicely. Finally attach waist ties and buttons!


This beautiful design lends itself to decoration and experimentation. Mix things up by changing jean style, cut, colour etc.

There we have it! One apron made from old Jeans. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day




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