Pottery Marbling Masterclass


I’ve become utterly obsessed with marbling, since I discovered it a few weeks back, and as those of you who follow my Instagram (link at the bottom of my page) will know, everything and anything in my house has fallen prey to this prettiest of transformations.

What I love most about it is how cheap, quick and beautiful the results are-it truly is the mother of all cheats! So grab your bottles, plates and mugs and let me show you this nifty little trick!

We are going to need:

*Nail Polish (yes really!!)

*Either old white pottery/glass or clear glass and some spray paint in white

*Large bowl/bucket of water

*Clear enamel


First of all start by preparing your pots, plates etc. They need to be clean and dry. A background colour of white works best, but you can try others. If you have a lovely clear glass bottle or pink plate you want to use, no fear, just grab some spray paint and give it a good going over. Make sure its all dry.

Next up fill your bucket or bowl with cold water. Now there is a good chance this bucket may get stained so best used something you don’t mind getting splashed!


The next step requires speedy action…Get your nail polish (either just one colour, or a mix) and drop some splashes into the water. I find it easier to pour straight from the bottle rather than trying to drip it off the brush. Dunk your pot straight into the water and watch as the nail varnish magically zooms in to cling onto the pottery. You can gently encourage this to happen my turning the pot around in the water.


Take the pot out and leave to dry. If you’ve missed bits, of there are areas where the colour has come out a little too strong, don’t worry. As long as you are quick, the nail polish can be smudged with the tip of your finger into a blanker area.


Once all dry (around an hour) give the pot a cover of enamel. This will just add some durability to the polish. I wouldn’t recommended washing the pot, but with enamel you can certainly wipe it.


And there we have it! One of the most simple, satisfying and effective things you can do.

Experiment with applying different colours to different areas, mixing multiple colours in the water etc-its so much fun.

Don’t wash any remaining polish down the drain, its bad for the fishies, instead you can just scoop it off with wet towel.

Have fun! xx

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