Thifty Recipes- My Take on Beef Wellington


So it’s not just crafting which I love and try to apply my thrifting too, oh no, cooking too! I thought I’d share with you one of my recipes for a very cheaty,cheapo version of Beef Wellington. The clue here is my use of the phrase “version” which I’m reliably informed gives me the artistic licence to make anything vaguely log like and sell it off as a Wellington.  So if you’ve come here looking for a tradition recipe for a firm favorite, you’d better shoot off now before I insult you!

If not, then read on and prepare for an eye opening.

To feed two hungry mouths you’ll need…

400g of braising steak

2 tsp of mustard

1 roll of made puff pastry  (or make your own!)

4 pieces of smoked bacon

2 leeks

2 spring onions (once you’ve chopped the ends off with the roots, these can been planted in composted and will grow into new plants!)



Optional Red Wine or Port



This recipe takes about 45 min and cost £6.45, making it an expensive meal but still a much thriftier version of BW.

Start of by chopping your leek and braising steak. Coat the steak in some seasoned flour before searing in a hot and oiled pan. After a few minutes add the leek. Stir in the mustard and optional glug of wine/port.


While this is cooking on a low heat, unroll the pastry and cut into two. Lay two pieces of bacon side by side onto each piece of pastry. After ten minutes remove the steak and put onto the pastry squares. Fold up the sides and crimp. Paint in milk and then pop in the oven for 30 minutes around 180 degrees.


And there we have it! (My crimping is terrible, I’m sure yours is far better!)



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