Making Shelves from Draws-A quick fix tutorial


I’m writing this after my first day of work in my new career! Don’t you hate being the new person?! I get so worried and end up thinking up about all the possible things that might go wrong, my handbag ends up like an emergency kit-deodorant incase of chronic sweats, make-up incase it goes wrong, painkillers incase PMS strikes, etc. But then where do you draw the line…tights incase you ladder yours, a new shirt because lunch can be dangerous,  a birthday cake incase you turn up and its someone’s birthday?! It’s a NIGHTMARE! The result was I ended up with a bulging handbag full of useless things, but by some miracle it went well, and I didn’t even need my puncture kit…

I’m feeling a little drained tonight, so going to keep it simple, and share with you one of my favorite makes yet-mainly because it was so, so easy yet so effective!

I do love skips. Call me a scrounger, but its amazing what other people get rid of, and some times people chuck out some beautiful things, that are just crying out for a second life. One time I found three beautiful pine draws from a little dresser or bedside table. I guess the table was broken, but the table was fine. I knew the draws would come in handy, so I asked the owner if I could take them, and brought them home.

I gave them a sand, a prime and then painted with an off-white for interior wood. Again, I used a cheaper own brand paint, because while Annie Sloan etc is great, I refuse to spend so much on a can of paint. Once dry, I simply screwed all three on top of each other, using one central screw. And that WAS THAT!

How simple is that?! And yet its beautiful! Its so quirky and beautiful, its great for towels in the bathroom or just items in the living room. The thing about having a central screw is you can twist each draw slightly so each layer faces a different angle. You can change this according to where it is in the house-how cool is that?!

I could rave about this all day, because its so simple, so cheap and so cute.

I’ll sssh now, but please make one, its just so satisfying! I hope you all had a lovely Monday and that you too can sympathize with the Dreaded Being New.




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