What to do With an Old Bucket

I was lucky enough to have an office above a pop up shop that specialised in all things beautiful. One of those shops that inspires you to have a beautiful house, with beautiful things and sit around drinking perfectly crafted coffees all day (the reality being your sitting in a mildly damp house where nothing matches, whist sipping a lumpy hot chocolate.)

Anyway, I digress…the pop up shop closed shortly after Christmas, and with the closing came a fluffy of dirt cheap offers. They had some beautiful steel buckets for just £1, all vintagey and retro style. I had no idea why I loved them so much, or why I could possibly want a bucket, but I bought one. The next day I was no closer to thinking what I could do with it, so of course I went and bought the remaining 9…

I spent the next few days convincing my other half that they had a perfectly valid reason to be in the house, before I started getting crafty. So here are some ideas on just what you can do with a good old bucket…(with or without a hole!)

Firstly, if your bucket is just an old boring one, jazz it up with some spray paint! There’s some great stone and metallic style ones available.

  1. Plant Pot. The first thing I’ve done (and loved) is used the buckets to plant some of my treasured house plants in. Some of them were needing replanting into bigger containers and they make idea pots. Just make sure you put a few stones in the bottom for drainage and your away. I love the colour of the green against the steel, it looks fresh and raw and so great.12755383_1274300905929668_1101328136_o.jpg
  2. Ornamental Flower display. Where light is poor in my house (my hallway has no windows) I still love to have flowers. I wanted to create a floral display using the bucket. I put some of the foam you get for florists in the bottom, then covered in shreddings. (I save paper shreddings I get from the packaging in the post). I then stuck in some floral and foliage stems and voila. It looks spectacular and I love it.12767385_1274300335929725_1263619013_n
  3. The next thing I did was to stick a load of toilet rolls in it! Instead of just stacking my loo rolls in the bathroom, by putting them all in the bucket it looked amazing!
  4. My final project was to make a pouffe! This is my favorite so far, and all I did was…Stuff in a pillow, cover in fabric then attach some wooden legs!12755186_1274302952596130_1339808644_o

So there we have it;one bucket, many uses!! Here’s hoping you all have a lovely Monday, I’m off to my new job, wish me luck!


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