Quick Crafty-Handmade Mini Dreamcatchers



I must start off by apologising for being so quiet these last few days. I have just survived my first week of my new job (yay) and now am in bed from chronic flu (not so yay) I wanted to get a post up today but decided to be nice and simple.

I thought I’d show you how to make one of my favourite and most popular items; Minature Dreamcatchers. I love the mystic and meaning behind the dreamcatcher and find it such a calming thing to look at (I even have a beautiful one tattooed behind my ear, by the lovely ladies at Shaded Lady Tattoos, Falmouth.)IMG_20160227_113149

There are so many intricate and beautiful designs out there, I think the beauty of this design lies in the simplisticy and rawness.

You will need…

A small willow hoop. Now you have two options here, you could buy some or my far preferred option is to make my own, by wrapping a very small willow whip around its self. You can do this with any woody plant, clematis etc. I find it easier to do all the wrapping while it’s still alive and attached to the plant. Cut off from the main plant and leave to dry and die for at least a month.

Some fabric strips. For a hoop around 8 cm wide you’ll need to cut your strips  about 10cm long. Use whatever patterns you like and be creative-use scraps.

Some twine.

A knife.

A little superglue.


Start by cutting very slight grooves into the some places around the hoop, around 5 or 6 notches cut into it evenly spaced. Then start wrapping a line of twine around the hoop in a zig zag, sitting the twine into the notches. Just think about trying to create a star effect.

Once done, secure in place with a little glue.

Then get your fabric strips and tie them round the bottom half of the hoop. Dont worry about creating an uneven length it’ll add to the effect.

Finally tie a little twine to the top to add a handle.

And voila! So simple and beautiful and raw. I’m sorry this is a basic one, I’m feeling super poorly! Looking forward to sitting in bed now to catch up with all your inspiring posts



8 thoughts on “Quick Crafty-Handmade Mini Dreamcatchers

  1. This a brilliant little post. I love dreamcatchers, I have two, one above my bed and one as a sort of key ring on my bag. This is such a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to try it out!. Hope you feel better soon and thank you for posting! x


    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them too! This would be so cute as a key ring. I put one up in my car too as an air fresher after soaking the wood in lavender oil! Thank you so much and I really enjoyed your latest post x


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