Soup-er Cheap Leek and Potato Soup

As a child even the word soup used to make me shudder. My parent’s soups were stuffed full of veg and no matter what the flavour, always turned out the same colour, that shade you get when you mix all the leftover paints on your pallette together.  The house would smell of dubious odours for days after and I think the memories were bad enough to mean that for the best part of 15 years, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid the stuff.

Tight budget during university and even once graduating into the adult world, forced me to reconsider however, combined with a newly built fascination with One Pot Wonder Meals, built from the critically short supply of clean crockery in shared accommodation. I remember one low point in particular caused by the great Clean Crockery shortage , was eating pudding one night from a wok… Anyway, I digress. Over the last few years, soup and I have started to make up lost ground, forming a careful friendship. One of my go to recipes is my version of Leek and Potato

This makes around 4 large portions, each portion costing around  £1. Serve alone or with fresh crusty bread or cheese twists. It takes around 30 min.

You’ll need.

2  large potatoes cubed finely

3 finely sliced leeks

1 tin of sweetcorn

Half a mug of single cream

A mug and a half of milk

A mug of chicken stock


Knob of butter

One  chopped onion

Optional smoked bacon lardens

Started by melted the butter in a large pot. Add the leeks and onion and sweat for a couple of minutes. Add the bacon of you are using, along with potato. Add in the stock and let it simmer on a medium heat for 10 min.

Add in your milk, Rosemary and seasoning then simmer for 15 more minutes.

Add the cream and sweetcorn, heat through for 5 minutes andddddddd there we go!

Serve and enjoy. It’ll keep in the fridge for a day too but I wouldn’t freeze just because of the cream. It’s such a lovely hearty and cheap recipe with or without the bacon


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