Chilli Bean Soup

IMG_20150921_191805Another day, another soup recipe. This time it’s meat free and bean packed. Ideal for cold days, office lunches or just as pickmeup this nifty recipe is a perfect family pleaser.

To feed 6 you’ll need about 50p per head and about 40 min as well as..

1 litre of veg stock.

500g of chopped tomatoes 

1 pepper, chopped

1 onion, chopped

1 chilli, chopped

Fresh basil

Fresh parsley

250g of chickpeas

250g of kidney beans

2 carrots

3 cloves of garlic

2 tsp of cumin

1 tsp of coffee granules


Get a big old pan and add a little oil. Add in the garlic and onions with the the chilli. Fry for a few minutes. Add the tomatoes and stock then simmer for 15 min.

Add in the coffee and cumin and stir. Add the carrots, pepper, beans and chickpeas and cook for 15 min. Right before the end add the parsley and basil and there we are.

Beautiful cheap and easy food xx



Chic Lampshades from old Jumpers

IMG_20160124_185459Hello Everyone! How was your week? I’ve been busy wedding planning which has been so much fun and allowed me to get super creative (special blog coming soon.)

I thought for today’s post I’d take a break from being a Bridezilla and share with you one of my favourite uses for old knits-upcycling them into super cute lampshades.

Whenever I’ve got a load of clothing that I don’t want anymore I tend to separate it into piles, stuff that’s got another life in which I donate to charity and then stuff with stains or holes which most people wouldn’t want. This is the stuff I use for projects. I had a lovely cream knit jumper left over but had split the sleeve and decided that I’d transform an old lamp of mine.

For this I used a small jumper around a size 8. it’s important it’s a tight fit so do try and use a small size.

Pull the jumper on over the shade as if you were dressing it, until the hem lies straight with the bottom of it. Then using a pair of scissors, cut off the sleeves and around the neck so you just have around 1 inch overlap left which hangs down inside the shade.

Take the tube of jumper off and apply either strong glue or double sided tape to the shade, redress with the jumper and the carefully fold in the overlap on the top. There we have it. A transformation that takes no time at all and looks super cute!14572767595081564702033


Cupcake Case Lamp Upcycle Project


Hello everyone! How’s your week?

So I’ve got some news, my wonderful man of nearly 4 years became my fiancĂ©ee yesterday! I’m so overjoyed and honoured and ridiculously excited and I already know I will be turning into a huge bridezilla….

Today, I’ll be showing you the cutest little project ever…how to upcycle a lamp (and a pretty grotty one at rhat) with some paint, buttons, glue and cupcake cases!!!


I must apologise for the lack of pictures, I’m posting from history here. Firstly unscrew your lampshade. Cover the electricity cable with newspaper and then. Make sure the base is all clean then give it a good spray in paint. A huge bonus of spray paints is they stick to practically anything, glass, metal, plastic etc so it shouldn’t matter too much what your base is made from. Leave to dry before giving a second coat.

Get your shade. For a small shade you’ll need about 50 cases. You can get incredibly pretty patterned ones and I would definitely use them for something like this rather than plain. Carry on sticking cases to the shade by placing a little glue in the middle. The great thing about them is that they are so squishy you can squeeze them all together. Make an overlap at the top of the shade and bottom and cover the entire thing, squishing in sides and cramming them in until you can see no bare lamp.IMG_20160124_131112

Glue a buttons to the odd cup cake centre here and there. Reattach lampshade and there we have it.


Incredibly simple and so effective. I’ve seen very similar designs going for a fortune in boutiques