Cupcake Case Lamp Upcycle Project


Hello everyone! How’s your week?

So I’ve got some news, my wonderful man of nearly 4 years became my fiancéee yesterday! I’m so overjoyed and honoured and ridiculously excited and I already know I will be turning into a huge bridezilla….

Today, I’ll be showing you the cutest little project ever…how to upcycle a lamp (and a pretty grotty one at rhat) with some paint, buttons, glue and cupcake cases!!!


I must apologise for the lack of pictures, I’m posting from history here. Firstly unscrew your lampshade. Cover the electricity cable with newspaper and then. Make sure the base is all clean then give it a good spray in paint. A huge bonus of spray paints is they stick to practically anything, glass, metal, plastic etc so it shouldn’t matter too much what your base is made from. Leave to dry before giving a second coat.

Get your shade. For a small shade you’ll need about 50 cases. You can get incredibly pretty patterned ones and I would definitely use them for something like this rather than plain. Carry on sticking cases to the shade by placing a little glue in the middle. The great thing about them is that they are so squishy you can squeeze them all together. Make an overlap at the top of the shade and bottom and cover the entire thing, squishing in sides and cramming them in until you can see no bare lamp.IMG_20160124_131112

Glue a buttons to the odd cup cake centre here and there. Reattach lampshade and there we have it.


Incredibly simple and so effective. I’ve seen very similar designs going for a fortune in boutiques


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